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Take Action to Stop Bullying

Take Action...

It is the first step in showing love to anyone and it is the first step you take to stop bullying.

Here are some ways you can Take Action to Show Love and Stop Bullying.

The FUNducate "Show Love No Bullying" Initiative was started to raise awareness against bullying.

Show Love!

Love is an action word. You have to Take Action in order to Show Love to someone. Here are some ways you can Show Love for someone being bullied.

Look Out!

Look for Help .

Look for ways to Help.

Stand Up!

Stand up for someone being bullied.

Speak Up!

Talk to other Kids.

Talk to Teachers.

Talk to Parents.

Write On!

Write a note.

You Can Stop Bullying!

You have the power to stop bullying by showing love to someone. The first step is to Take Action.

Grace and Peace!


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FUNducate LLC. Show Love No Bullying Advocate Form

There are several types of bullying. Several children are dealing with daily either physical, verbal, indirect, social alienation, intimidation, and/or cyber bullying. Please click link for definition of the types of bullying. Please indicate below the type of bullying that you or your child is experiencing. Also, let us know if this is occurring during school hours or on the bus, and if you have reported this occurrence to a school official. We would like to gather information and also be a voice to notify the school, school district, and Department of Education of the results and /or non resolution.

Show Love No Bullying

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