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2011 Bad Girl Ventures Class #2 Finalist

Bad Girl Ventures

Bad Girl Ventures, Inc. (BGV) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2010 with a single vision – to help educate female entrepreneurs and provide them with the tools to be successful in order for them to have a significant, positive economic impact on the local community.

Many women are excellent artisans, or have great ideas for a new product or service, but lack the training to launch and run a successful company. They also struggle with obtaining capital to grow their businesses. It is our goal to take the passion that stems from these wonderful entrepreneurs, and help shape it into something more.

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2012 SoMoLend Loan Receipent

“SoMoLend is the first of its kind as a fully transparent portal that allows investors to do their own due diligence with business borrowers in their neighborhood before making any lending decisions,” says Klein.

With SoMoLend, individuals, banks, local governments, business associations, chambers of commerce and municipalities can invest in small businesses by use of a safe, secure, easy-to-use platform.

The company is excited to welcome FUNducate as a new borrower. FUNducate, LLC is a collection of learning materials designed to put the “fun” back into education for children. Todd and Temeca Jones started the company by self-publishing and marketing their books in 2005 after receiving positive feedback from their daughter's kindergarten and first grade teachers.

Temeca says they wanted other children to benefit from what they had originally created to help their daughter learn the building blocks of math and reading.

Todd and Temeca are also the authors of all of the books in the FUNducate series—Todd being the Chief Operating Officer and illustrator/editor, and Temeca the Chief Executive Officer and business operations manager.

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2012 X-Labs Finalist - Designer Illustrator Todd O. Jones

Funducate Designer and Illustrator Todd O. Jones is X-Labs Finalist, Masters program through The Xavier University Masters School of Business 2011 - 2012.

Xavier Launch-A-Business / Concept to Reality

About Xavier X-LAB 

X-LAB IS WHERE CREATIVE GENIUSES MEET BUSINESS EXPERTISE. The X-LAB Competition is an entrepreneur competition where driven entrepreneurs compete for the opportunity to have Xavier University faculty, students, and executive mentors help them get prepared to launch a business. You as entrepreneurs supply the ideas, the drive, and the commitment to execute and we within X-LAB supply business expertise to help you realize your dream of launching a successful business. 

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FUNducate Founders two of Cincinnati Top Twenty Other Emerging Leader

FUNducate LLC. COO and CEO Listed as two of Cincinnati Top Twenty Other Emerging Leaders. Temeca Jones, 38, and husband Todd Jones, 39, co-owners and creators of Funducate, a series of educational books and games, Liberty Township.

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FUNducate is Parent Tested Parent Approved


Our very own The FunBunch Presents: My ABC Books Package is a PTPA Award Winner.

PTPA means parent tested, parent approved. It's a community of parents across North America sharing valuable feedback about the products we bring into our homes and to our families.


Tri-state's own FUNducate LLC. becomes PTPA M

Press Release, July 12th, 2011

Cincinnati, OH: FUNducate LLC announces that The FunBunch Presents: My ABC Books Package has earned the coveted Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) Seal of Approval. The PTPA Winner's Seal Parents assures parents of high-quality products and services for their children. It guarantees that a product has been evaluated and approved by PTPA Media's volunteer parent-testing community, North America's largest, with more than 40,000 unbiased parent testers.


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