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FUNducate LLC. Press Release About Funducate LLC: Todd O. Jones and Temeca Jones have written, illustrated and self-published 10 children's books and have several other books ready to publish with the ability to tailor books according to the subject matters and various requirements (educational facilities, doctors offices/hospitals/daycares). They are pursuing many different opportunities, and have crossed many of the bridges of publishing, printing, distribution, producing educational books and products. They believe they will continue to be truly successful with their educational material and All in One Books Outreach program assisting educators.

Over the past year they have received support and advice from several doctors and educators. Two of their books are now available on Eight books will be distributed on by FUNducate LLC.

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Keeping up with the Joneses

Their books educate and Funducate

Matthew Parham | 8/8/2013, midnight

“Instruction in youth, is like engraving in stone, “instructs an ancient Moroccan proverb.

Todd and Temeca Jones sharply remind us of this axiom as they carve out their legacy in the minds of our children. In addition to four beautiful daughters, the Joneses have also conceived Funducate LLC., an innovative company developing challenging yet organically playful early education modules designed to develop literacy in children, and other educational building blocks.

The force behind the creation of Funducate was a parental desire to give their firstborn daughter educational advantages heading into school.

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FUNducate offers fun way to make children more literate
Cincinnati Business Courier

A look at a startup's business plans in the company's own words.


Headquarters: Liberty Township

Employees: 3

Founded: 2010



FUNducate is putting the fun back into education through its trademark “The FUNBunch” characters brand via animation, e-books, “The FUNBunch Playhouse” TV show, games and other merchandise, along with the “Tribute to Heroes” and the “Show Love... No Bullying” children's books series. The company is seeking a first round of funding.


FUNducate will continue to update its website (interactive gaming capability) and purchase a new telephone system to provide customers with the information they need to understand FUNducate's services and stay in closer touch. FUNducate will obtain software and training to enhance the current “FunBunch Playhouse” broadcast and to launch a fully animated FunBunch Cartoon TV series. FUNducate also will incorporate cloud technology into its infrastructure. Cloud technology utilizes the resources from computers as a collective virtual computer, where the applications (game, e-books, interactive education, TV programming) can run independently from particular computer or server configurations.

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Couple's books take off thanks to 'Fun Bunch'
Characters, art help teach lessons
9:23 AM, Aug. 5, 2012

A few casually drawn sketches of action heroes led to a new business for Todd and Temeca Jones when they harnessed their creativity and marketing skills to develop a line of educational books for children.

The Joneses, who run the business out of their West Chester home, originally operated as a non-profit called All in One Books. Today, they are marketing their books as a for-profit under the name FUNducate. They offer 10 books they self publish through their website, Subjects include reading and math, as well as real-life heroes like police officers and fire personnel.

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