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With our series of children's books we plan on helping our communities' children worldwide by giving them the proper tools to aid them in their essential educational building blocks.

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The FunBunch Playhouse TV Show

The FunBunch Playhouse T.V. show is from FUNducate LLC. features The FunBunch Playhouse reporters, and children education through Peer to Peer learning and Character based building. Children should show love to others and also do the activities they love to be involved in (sports, dance, cheer for an example). FUNducate LLC. "Bringing Fun to Education!"

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image for Show Love No Bullying

Show Love No Bullying

View our E-Books and Videos for free! .

Please provide your Name/Company and E-mail and press submit to view the Free Videos/E-Books. We are happy to help you stand against bullying!!!

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TouchBase Mobile App

TouchBase is a contact information app, to assist you or others in within various situations to be able to access specific contacts via your lock phone screen.

** TouchBase 5: Top 5 Contact App is (Call Only) $.99 Cents.

* TouchBase 5Plus: Top 5Plus Contact App is (7 Call features, and Text Option) $1.99.

TouchBase gives you and or someone accessing your phone immediate reference to your emergency contact and or most frequent contacts on your phone's lock screen wallpaper. This is helpful for the following reasons:

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FunBunch Playhouse Sponsors

The image above shows just a small list of some of our valued sponsors.

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FunBunch Playhouse Summer Workshops

Summer Workshops

Be sure to chech out our Summer Workshops at the FunBunch Playhouse this summer!.

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