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    Plan an outreach against Bullying with us...Books, Pledge Card, Puppet Show, and more. FunBunch Playhouse No Bullying Event Coming Soon: October 2015
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    FUNducate is introducing this 4th of July and the month of July the newest book from creater/author Todd O. Jones Tribute to Heroes "We Love Our Military". Books, characters, and art are copyrighted by Todd O. Jones.

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With our series of children's books we plan on helping our communities' children worldwide by giving them the proper tools to aid them in their essential educational building blocks.

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image for FUNducate Show Love NO Bullying Theme Song

FUNducate Show Love NO Bullying Theme Song

Published on Oct 24, 2012

Show Love NO Bullying is the newest book series written by Todd and Temeca Jones. In order to get the message out to stand against bullying with FUNducate LLC we decided to create and self publish a theme song to further capture standing as a community against bullying. Show Love NO Bullying theme song and video captures several events/fundraisers we held, 1st Annual Show Love NO Bullying Walkathon, and outreach within our community.

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image for Meet Leche

Meet Leche

Loves to play games and willing to do what is right.

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image for Meet Munch

Meet Munch

Always hungry and never without some kind of tasty treat to snack on. The mystery is, Where is all of the food stored?

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image for Community Stand Against Bullying  2015

Community Stand Against Bullying  2015

During the month of October "National Bullying Prevention Month" let us come together as a community: schools, children, parents, businesses, City Official, and more to stop bullying.

FUNducate LLC. will host at the FunBunch Playhouse this event to donate No Bullying Books/Educational materials for the 2015/2016 school year to public schools and educational facilities. We will also award the first "Show Love No Bullying" Scholarship to two deserving student recipients per school district for their essay and/or creative project raising awareness against bullying (which will be provided to the school district to use the following school year).

image for Meet Todd

Meet Todd

Very clever. Likes to cause all around him to laugh at his witty jokes.

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