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    Stand Against Bullying with us...
    Plan an outreach against Bullying with us...Books, Pledge Card, Puppet Show, and more. FunBunch Playhouse No Bullying Event Coming Soon: October 2015
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    FUNducate is introducing this 4th of July and the month of July the newest book from creater/author Todd O. Jones Tribute to Heroes "We Love Our Military". Books, characters, and art are copyrighted by Todd O. Jones.

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With our series of children's books we plan on helping our communities' children worldwide by giving them the proper tools to aid them in their essential educational building blocks.

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Community Stand Against Bullying

Published on Oct 27, 2014 Oct 2014

FUNducate LLC and All in One Books Nonprofit "Community Stand Against Bullying" event

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image for 2011 Bad Girl Ventures Class #2 Finalist

2011 Bad Girl Ventures Class #2 Finalist

Temeca Jones of Funducate LLC, creator of children's educational tools, books, videos and merchandise as well as the Fun Bunch Playhouse on cable public-access television, is a 2011 Bad Girl Ventures Class Finalist.

Bad Girl Ventures

Bad Girl Ventures, Inc. (BGV) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2010 with a single vision – to help educate female entrepreneurs and provide them with the tools to be successful in order for them to have a significant, positive economic impact on the local community.

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image for Show Love No Bullying Initiative

Show Love No Bullying Initiative

FUNducate's "Show Love No Bullying" Initiative

Thank you for coming and viewing our funding drive to support our "Show Love No Bullying" Initiative. All funding will go towards printing/distribution of our "Show Love No Bullying" book series (donating to schools and organizations), and to bring The FunBunch book characters to to life for our FunBunch Live Show to raise awareness against bullying.

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The FunBunch

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image for Community Stand Against Bullying

Community Stand Against Bullying

Video for FUNducate and All in One Books Community Stand Against Bullying October 2014 
Published on Oct 27, 2014

October 2014  FUNducate LLC and All in One Books Nonprofit "Community Stand Against Bullying" event

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