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    Plan an outreach against Bullying with us...Books, Pledge Card, Puppet Show, and more. FunBunch Playhouse No Bullying Event Coming Soon: October 2015
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    FUNducate is introducing this 4th of July and the month of July the newest book from creater/author Todd O. Jones Tribute to Heroes "We Love Our Military". Books, characters, and art are copyrighted by Todd O. Jones.

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With our series of children's books we plan on helping our communities' children worldwide by giving them the proper tools to aid them in their essential educational building blocks.

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FUNducate Related Links Page

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All in One Books Non-Profit Corporation
Non-profit donating books for the education of our children.

Higher Ground Ministries Family Center
Bishop Steven & Pastor Adrienne D. White, Founders and Senior Pastors of Higher Ground Ministries Family Center in Fairfield, OH.
"Lives Are Being Changed For The Good"

Greater Christ Temple Church
Bishop Sherman L. Merritt and First Lady Vera E. Merritt appointed and anointed leadership of Greater Christ Temple Church in Nashville, Tennessee.

West Chester Chamber Alliance

Murray Multimedia Resources LLC (MMR)

Bad Girls Ventures (BGV)

Affiliates: Past Sponsors/Partners/Advisors

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FunBunch T-Shirt

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Get Your FunBunch T-Shirt!

Just in time for the holiday season, we have FunBunch T-Shirts for sale.

CLICK HERE to order one (or two, or three, or four…) for the special people in your life.

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FunBunch Playhouse Sponsors

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The image above shows just a small list of some of our valued sponsors.

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Meet Leche

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Loves to play games and willing to do what is right.

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FUNducate Founders two of Cincinnati Top Twenty Other Emerging Leader

FUNducate LLC. COO and CEO Listed as two of Cincinnati Top Twenty Other Emerging Leaders. Temeca Jones, 38, and husband Todd Jones, 39, co-owners and creators of Funducate, a series of educational books and games, Liberty Township.

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Meet Todd

image for Meet Todd

Very clever. Likes to cause all around him to laugh at his witty jokes.

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Press - FUNducate on

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Keeping up with the Joneses

Their books educate and Funducate

Matthew Parham | 8/8/2013, midnight

“Instruction in youth, is like engraving in stone, “instructs an ancient Moroccan proverb.

Todd and Temeca Jones sharply remind us of this axiom as they carve out their legacy in the minds of our children. In addition to four beautiful daughters, the Joneses have also conceived Funducate LLC., an innovative company developing challenging yet organically playful early education modules designed to develop literacy in children, and other educational building blocks.

The force behind the creation of Funducate was a parental desire to give their firstborn daughter educational advantages heading into school.

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2012 X-Labs Finalist - Designer Illustrator Todd O. Jones

Funducate Designer and Illustrator Todd O. Jones is X-Labs Finalist, Masters program through The Xavier University Masters School of Business 2011 - 2012.

Xavier Launch-A-Business / Concept to Reality

About Xavier X-LAB 

X-LAB IS WHERE CREATIVE GENIUSES MEET BUSINESS EXPERTISE. The X-LAB Competition is an entrepreneur competition where driven entrepreneurs compete for the opportunity to have Xavier University faculty, students, and executive mentors help them get prepared to launch a business. You as entrepreneurs supply the ideas, the drive, and the commitment to execute and we within X-LAB supply business expertise to help you realize your dream of launching a successful business. 

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FUNducate Show Love NO Bullying Theme Song

image for FUNducate Show Love NO Bullying Theme Song
Published on Oct 24, 2012

Show Love NO Bullying is the newest book series written by Todd and Temeca Jones. In order to get the message out to stand against bullying with FUNducate LLC we decided to create and self publish a theme song to further capture standing as a community against bullying. Show Love NO Bullying theme song and video captures several events/fundraisers we held, 1st Annual Show Love NO Bullying Walkathon, and outreach within our community.

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Community Stand Against Bullying

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Published on Oct 27, 2014

Oct 2014 FUNducate LLC and All in One Books Nonprofit "Community Stand Against Bullying" event

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Meet Philip

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Enjoys the company of his friends and always includes others in the fun.

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Show Love NO Bullying Books by Todd O. Jones

image for Show Love NO Bullying Books by Todd O. Jones
Published on Jul 21, 2012

NO Bullying books series by Todd O Jones- FUNducate LLC. "Show Love NO Bullying". Help us get these books to children to raise awareness about bullying and help children know they can Show Love NO Bullying....STAND against Bullying and say no to bullying. We all can make a difference now and together help start the change!

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Christian Learning is Very Essential (L.I.V.E.)

image for Christian Learning is Very Essential (L.I.V.E.)

View our E-Books and Videos for free! .

Please provide your Name/Company and E-mail and press submit to view the Free Videos/E-Books. We are happy to help you stand against bullying!!!

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Doctor's Visit Book series (English, Spanish, and Coloring book)

image for Doctor

View our E-Books and Videos for free! .

Please provide your Name/Company and E-mail and press submit to view the Free Videos/E-Books. We are happy to help you stand against bullying!!!

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Types of Bullying

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Each community will need to stand up, address, and take steps to build social awareness in our children and take a stand against bullying. As many as 160,000 students stay home during the day because they're afraid of being bullied. 60% of middle school students say that they have been bullied. 1 out of 4 teens are Bullied. See below types of bullying.


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